Week of Prayer for Sanctity of Life Sunday

April 30, 2023 – Saturday, May 6, 2023

In partnership with Love Life Charlotte, we are participating in the Week of Prayer for Sanctity of Life from April 30, 2023 through May 6, 2023.

LOVE LIFE 40 Week Journey of Hope

1. Please pray for Sanctity of Life issues each day this week during your Quiet Time. You may begin praying now, if you choose. On Sunday, April 30, as we begin our Week of Prayer for Sanctity of Life ministries, we are honored to have Jonathan DeVore, the Executive Director of Love Life Charlotte come to speak to us and share from his heart about their mission to encourage and empower women to make life-affirming decisions about their unplanned pregnancies. 

2. On Wednesday, May 3, we encourage those who are willing and able to participate, in some type of fasting. The options for fasting are open for each individual. It might be food, social media, television, sweets, just some type of fasting for the issues of the unborn and newly born. During the prayer time that evening, we will pray specifically for those affected by abortion. 

3. On Saturday, May 6, we will travel to the Love Life (3236 Latrobe Drive, Charlotte, NC 28211) to participate in a prayer walk around the Charlotte abortion clinic on Latrobe Avenue, allowing a respectable distance between the clinic and the prayer walkers. We will not be the only church. There will be many others who will gather as well. There will be worship and testimony time, information and instruction time, and then the prayer walk. The walk will occur rain or shine. The times for this event are from 9:00am to 11:00am. We plan to take the church bus if possible since parking is extremely limited. We will need to leave early so we can find a parking space and have time to get to the Love Life building. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the location from Oak Grove so bus riders should be at the church at 7:00 a.m. Those who prefer to drive may do so and just meet the group there. 

4. This prayer walk is absolutely, totally and only about prayer. There will be no engaging with anyone or being offensive in anyway. There will likely be people who will be there condemning the prayer walkers, but there is to be no interaction. It is just for prayer. 

Prayer Walk Code of Conduct

5. Please eat breakfast before you come. We will plan to stop for lunch on the way home. 

6. Love Life will have tee shirts available for purchase the morning of the prayer walk, if you would like to have one. Cost is by donation only.

Learn more about Love Life Charlotte here

To partner with us in Prayer and Fasting and/or Walking, please fill out the commitment card found here or by scanning the QR code.